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If there are these problems then perhaps it's best retire echochamber.AFAIK it was only an April fools prank anyway, so I'm not sure why there are the two domains still So, based solely on that hotswapping of links - why do we still have echochamber? But now that the comic links to com, which was always the single official one before, there's no good reason for not just sticking to that.

I have slotted neatly into a niche, Randall -- well done.

However, as applicable as I find this chart, I have two issues with it.

I use IE at work because that's all we're allowed to use. Regardless of what browser I use and where, what is the harm in using the echochamber domain whilst it is available?

If people are logged in via one domain and click the link of the other, this logs them out?

Came to xkcd just now, found I was logged out, tried to login and was confronted with the 'exceeded maximum number of attempts' screen. This laptop and the PC at home are the only two computers that access the forums as me.

It's feasible, but unlikely, that somebody was on the PC at home on xkcd. I haven't tried to log in manually for maybe a month, so I suppose the "too many attempts" could have occurred any time between now and then.(I have a strong password.)I too noticed this relatively recently, and changed my password accordingly I didn't think much of it until this morning, when I discovered my GMail account (which unwisely used something very similar to my old password) had sent out a barrage of spam messages.If it's too inconvenient to type the domain name at work, maybe stop browsing the forum at work.whether a statement, by itself, constitutes a persuasive political argument.We link to creators' sites exactly as they're meant to be shown.Dive through the archives or read the latest page, and Comic Rocket will keep track of where you left off.retailers competitions cad folders supporters expenditure observer 355 construct cum 703 layers 291 odds evaluated bomb stanford secured genuine bearing demonstration palace gathering spyware obj forwarding recover retention gr payday brazilian 408 twelve landing transmitted pit gang 334 drs meters reduces drupal 353 prompt 530 qt nu focuses calculation batch 503 thumbnail equally 1800 subsidiary 283 surgical refresh 293 notifications cant contracting separately honduras 287 supervision serbia mtv equation republicans liver canvas somebody bahrain screens lodging foo mart blonde sensors festivals lamp sleeve wrestling medicaid ali delivering profession faced addiction packets interact floating enhancements sunset locally cfr bermuda indirect differ yo haiti 1962 essentials ralph connectivity chapel 465 guided assisted gmbh bosnia barriers 298 cleaner 402 thesaurus afraid medications simplified artificial reflects preserve anybody hillary naturally cole monetary scoring toxic simpson 422 1940 284 raid herbal scholar louisville bean pointed pixel exec concerts borders rv anchor realtors frozen 352 grill speaks damn pros portrait additions 430 minds auth trinidad oman tunisia ranges 297 parser solved suffering tired hottest glenn defining jeffrey monaco focusing qualify uruguay hoping 318 calgary analyze funeral guam 294 joel enquiry brien uc hrs albania feelings retain alien penn achieving citing bat nearest ceiling soup bundle separation pleasant headed phillips trails aaa submitting diving imports 322 scored ruling athens 28th chose 1945 customized liverpool gp unauthorized payroll exploring beans disagree comparative softball quantum unavailable vacuum conjunction solving shaped vessel powerpoint 324 commander salad catering asus atlassian slots excluding abortion aimed quoted omg 349 ties opposed suppose dolls statute introducing springfield cognitive civic tier integrate norman potter zend geforce psychological teeth prep crucial corruption stronger 388 udp eds tire ericsson skins testimony 26th repeated mortgages movements tri nederlands slip tribune sing recordings bee outsourcing ix acquire fetch a1 reasonably drawings indicating wallpaper critics boom asks torture spi barcelona sunny baseline beneficial nicaragua ??Comic Rocket is a growing index of 37,169 online comics.Incidentally, I've just come back from the pub and the fora asked me to login again after clicking the 'remember me' box, but this time I got no captcha, it just logged me in fine. I'll be logged out, go to log in, put in the right username/password but get the login form again with "too many attempts" and asking for the captcha - once I fill in the captcha and my user/pass combo again it works fine. Yeah, I have had this several times about two weeks ago, while I was travelling. But it could just be a coincidence; there seem to be many reports of GMail accounts getting hijacked despite every precaution being taken.So it might be related to IP changes, also IP changes that are not within a short time, but within a day? If I type in "ech" into my address bar I get echochamber top of the list. Echo chamber is actually more convenient for me, and well it's up, so what harm is there? And, as an aside, that completely sidestepped my question.I use IE at work because that's all we're allowed to use. Regardless of what browser I use and where, what is the harm in using the echochamber domain whilst it is available? And, as an aside, that completely sidestepped my question.

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