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He has worked very hard and his commitment has shocked people all over the world.He is a real talent and he will become one of the very top if he keeps on working this hard.According to some sources his ethnicity is 1/8th Hungarian, English, German, 1/8th Croatian.

It might because he is not dating anyone and is looking for his ideal partner but no one knows the fact up till now. His fans love to see him when he decides to go shirtless.

According to a Myspace-style "about me" section on the Skins website, he describes his favorite things as toast, boys, dancing, drawing, Arcade Fire and the Sistine Chapel, and he wants to meet Johnny Depp, Nigel Reo-Coker and Ron from Harry Potter.

Like Anwar, Maxxie does not have an episode name to himself, instead being the co-centre in "Maxxie & Anwar" and "Maxxie & Tony", although the episode "Sketch" greatly involves him, as it is about his stalker.

He has not only made his parents very pleased but each one member of his family is glad to him and admires his achievement.

At age 11, Robinson made his qualified acting entrance in a period version of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

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