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Cue me pissing my pants on the floor of a Swedish hotel.

Cue my psycho ex-best friend busting through my front door.

I’m sure I’ve alluded to it in past articles, but it’s hard to really go into detail because the person I was back then just feels so horrifyingly foreign, like it wasn’t even me.

Abridged version: I was knee-deep in narcissistic abuse from my ex, I hardly ate anything, and I was working pretty much six days a week in a 90 degree kitchen.

When he stopped, he actually looked shocked that I had gone for it and gave me an awkward high-five that was muffled by his fingerless gloves.

Needless to say, Julie got in a lot more pointing and laughing.

Selfies were snapped and one blurry cab ride (RIP pre-Uber days) was had to the night’s hallowed ground.

Thanks Baltimore Soundstage for always letting me in under-aged () and fucked out of my skull. It didn’t take long before we had a run-in with the man of the hour.But there is a story that happened much before those aforementioned horror-comedies that’s been long overdue to be told.I kept it hidden for a long time, partly out of shame, but also partly out of fear due to reasons that will soon be revealed.In fact, I don’t think the music had even started yet.My sister and I were standing a few yards back from the stage barrier as I swung back in forth in my special state.Millionaires came out with their giant hair bows and matching bedazzled Orioles shirts and slayed me in the soul.No shit, I think I actually danced one of my eyelashes off.Dahvie had come out into the crowd and came straight towards me, the spotlight following.He shoved his junk in my ass and grabbed my hips, and fuck, I didn’t know what else to do (since no obviously wasn’t in my vocabulary back then), so I just reciprocated his grinding.It wasn’t until about a couple of weeks before the show that my sister noticed the headlining band on our tickets and quickly pulled up Dahvie’s rap sheet ( But, not only was it pretty much too late to apologize at that point, I was also pretty much accustomed to trying to rationalize irrationally shitty people at that stage in my lie.“Is this something we really want our money supporting? I guess I should also preface this story by saying that 19 was a bleak time in my life.

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