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She naturally has a black woman's hair, the kind they sell all those straighten-your-hair products to, long black hair with a charmingly loose curl to it. Eddy's skin coloring is like his very black natural father. I had married the love of my life while still in University. Five years into my marriage with Susan, I was served with a restraining order. Tony Mc Glen was the head of security for a Fortune five hundred company.

I would have been screwed if two events had not hit together. We walked into the courtroom to find a new judge sitting. She was still a female if quite a bit younger, maybe mid-thirties.

Susan's attorney did a good job of presenting her as the poor abused wife seeking to relocate to start a new life away from the uncaring husband.

La Pera was the trendy new place where the young and not so young gathered to dance and pick up the opposite sex. I'm not a small guy at six foot three and two hundred plus. My looks in my younger days were pretty decent, I believe, but time has not been good to me.

I was surprised that my wife picked La Pera for our first night out without children. Now we were reaching a point where we would not need to think of the children before deciding on a night out. A lab explosion a few years back left me with an ugly horizontal scar across my right cheek bone.

The judge didn't bother to put me on the stand - she just asked me to rise and answer her question. The Judge left and came back in about thirty minutes.


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