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What to avoid with online dating

And, if he tells you the woman or women in his pictures are related to him, know that there’s a good chance he’s lying. Mystery has no pictures of himself on his profile or his face is barely visible in the pictures that are up.

If he says he “majored in everything” or gives you some other answer you know can’t be right, put that fish back in the water! Some College by his terrible grammar, bad sentence structure, and lack of using periods.

For example, “Hi sexi u beautiful u wana talk are meet up I hafta get to no u and sho u a gud time wit me.” Delete this message and never look back!

In fact, as soon as someone asks you for money, you need to stop talking them immediately.

There’s a lot of scammers using online dating to pray on women who are looking for love or attention.

When a man intentionally keeps you from seeing his face you have to wonder, what is he hiding?

Maybe he’s in a relationship or married and doesn’t want to get caught or maybe it’s something else altogether. Animal House has profile pictures that make it look like he’s still in college living the party life.

When the pirate was asked about his job, he responded, “are you ready to walk the plank? I Work is not only full of himself, but he’s also full of crap. It doesn’t matter how much you have connected or vibed on the phone together, if he’s showing you his package, it’s for one reason.

The evasiveness of getting around the job question with off the wall responses screams jobless, drug dealer, or weirdo. Sexter loves to send women naked pictures of himself. And, if you’re not interested in just having a casual sexual relationship with this person, then you shouldn’t be interested in continuing to talk to him. Playboy will have pictures of himself with other women on his online dating profile.

And, some men are willing to sell women whatever type of dream they need to in order to get what they want. For example, “you’re beautiful, you must be crazy if you have to use online dating.” You should never entertain or date a man who claims you must have certain negative qualities without even getting to know you!

So, you have to take this kind of “upfront honesty” with a grain of salt. You deserve to be talked to with respect and any man who makes back-handed compliments is not worthy of your time.

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