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Updating technology skills web design podcasting

Weekly 20-30 minutes Episode 124 | Microsoft Azure is Racing to Meet AWS at the Top Hosts Damon Edwards and John Willis used to have long phone calls to discuss the Dev Ops movement that was emerging around them.

The show is also great if you’re just getting acquainted with the Microsoft cloud products like Azure and Office 365.i Tunes and other lists give you too many options, most of which are mediocre and/or outdated. We know there is no perfect podcast for every developer, so we provided additional information about each show to help you make a better decision.The podcasts are separated based on topic: Cloud, Dev Ops/Agile, Programming Languages, . We also included the average length and frequency of shows.“Their interests, hobbies and events in their lives are discussed, like you would with any friend.” Developers and IT professionals looking to keep abreast of everything going on in the Microsoft cloud ecosystem.Weekly 30-60 minutes Bonus Episode: “We love our recent Episode 200 where we asked our fantastic listeners and supporters of the show why they love our podcast.According to Ripley, his mission is to, “help people with their issues, questions, concerns, and fears about using agile practices and methodologies.” Agile for Humans focuses on the the execution of agile methodologies such as scrum, lean, XP, and kanban.Ripley interviews guests each week to tease out the insights and best practices from the agile world.There are short daily podcasts, monthly 2-hour sagas, and everything in between.Finally, we wanted to clearly state who this podcast is meant for.It was awesome and really funny how passionate our listeners are!” – Chris Johnson Cloudcast started 6 years ago when Brian Gracely and Aaron Delp wanted to learn more about cloud technologies they didn’t have access to in their day jobs.

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