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NO: General Repairs on Low Price Items, Portables or Radiograms. For customers we offer various Service-Recap-Upgrade options that have proven to be what customers want.

NO: CD, Cassette, Minidisc, DAT, Dansette type Record Players. The More Complex your Amp is, the more work & parts it will need.

We've been into Electronics since the early 1990s & done a B-TEC course to further our interest, if only hands-on work teaches you about Hifi. But the reality is, why do we Service, Recap & Upgrade amps?The reason mainly is the items aren't great quality & the fact these items are of low value means a Restoration isn't really worthwhile as well as some being a huge amount of work to only get caught out by unavailable parts.In Hifi & VCRs etc from the late 1970s on, once the numbers etc display fades, it's finished as emission has gone.We use design ideas based on high spec to do far more than just idly recap an amplifier with the same like-for-like spec, which just leaves the amp often no better than it was before if it was in working order.We know Hifi design & can improve just about any worthwhile amp into a fresh sounding delight that will be true to the original design but upgraded to bring the best out of the design.You may find others in TV type repair shops but as time goes on, we hear many are turning away even the better stuff we deal in as they don't understand it.Look at our site & see the Hifi we've had & sold, 1950s-1990s Amps, Receivers & even two 1950s portable Valve record players. You have a quality amp, but the reality is it's 43 years old.You can of course use a Third Party of your own choice, or family in the UK, but once the shipping costs & all the Customs issues are realised, the non EU buyer generally decides not to proceed.We are not interested in doing General Audio repairs, Quick Services or Cheap Jobs as usually they are more trouble than they are worth based on trying before, the problems can be impossible to repair & would you really want to spend £200 on it? Hi-Fi Separates in Valve & Transistor Hifi 1950s to Date that is of quality.Pre Digital Era Amplifiers & Receivers are Our Specialty.We can Service Garrard 301 & 401s & Direct Drive Technics Turntables, but if spare parts are needed this ranges from possible to impossible if buying donor units is possible. Tuners, Tape Decks, Cassette Decks, CD players, Digital gear including Active Speakers, B&O Turntables, Music Centres, IC based audio, belt drive Turntables, budget gear of any type & all combo units, portable digital audio & Radiograms.

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