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The NAACP proceeded to organize a national campaign in support of Mrs.

typically refer to a situation characterized by the following aspects: One party (trustor) is willing to rely on the actions of another party (trustee); the situation is directed to the future.

She went to the NAACP for help and her case was assigned to an advocate, Rosa Parks. In addition, the trustor (voluntarily or forcedly) abandons control over the actions performed by the trustee.As a consequence, the trustor is uncertain about the outcome of the other's actions; they can only develop and evaluate expectations.In her remarks, she called forth Recy Taylor, a young wife and mother on her way home from church who was kidnapped in 1944 in Alabama by 6 white men.Taylor was gang raped and left by the side of the road.Trust can be attributed to relationships between people.It can be demonstrated that humans have a natural disposition to trust and to judge trustworthiness that can be traced to the neurobiological structure and activity of a human brain.The uncertainty involves the risk of failure or harm to the trustor if the trustee will not behave as desired.Vladimir Ilych Lenin expressed this idea with the sentence "Trust is good, control is better".Other constructs, frequently discussed together with trust, are: control, confidence, risk, meaning and power.Trust is naturally attributable to relationships between social actors, both individuals and groups (social systems).

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