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(I have only now, 16 years later, forgiven her for beating Michelle Kwan in Nagano).

During the men’s free skate, which was even more fall-ridden than the disastrous men’s short program—Weir described it by saying a “general malaise fell over the building when no one wanted to win”—Lipinski got downright quippy.

Perhaps because they retired only recently, Lipinski and Weir seem even more attuned to the anxiety of the Olympic experience.

Hamilton and Bezic, meanwhile, praised it to the skies, with Bezic nonsensically calling it both “emotionally controlled” and “open.” When Jeremy Abbott briefly skated into first place with a clean long program after a disastrous short, Lipinski and Weir complimented his bravery, without for one second suggesting he had a chance to win a medal.

Neither of them sugarcoated the low quality of the men’s free skate.

“He really always reminds me of a hockey player who is a If Lipinski does not sparkle quite as much as Weir—who could?

—she often takes the lead with her opinions, and she can be wonderfully matter-of-fact.

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