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Dalya’s mother, Rudayna Aksh — whose sons, Mustafa and Hammoud, were born in Los Angeles in the 1980s when she and her husband lived here and she became a U. Following a screening of the film at the Levantine Cultural Center on Pico Boulevard (now the Markaz) in March 2012, she met Mustafa Zeno and they became friends.

But even if the war stopped, I wouldn’t go back because I’ve had so many opportunities to grow here and I love my life here.” Rudayna said she wouldn’t move back to Syria, either. I don’t want to go back to where the bad things and bad memories were,” she said.

On Sunday night’s edition of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, after ripping British Prime Minister David Cameron a new one for possibly receiving fellatio from a dead pig, host John Oliver ran an eye-opening 17-minute segment on the Syrian refugee crisis.

After lambasting countries like Hungary for their adamant refusal to take in immigrants, Oliver focused on the plight of Noujain Mustaffa.

She said she hopes her story will encourage women in situations like hers to get an education and become self-sufficient.

She said she believes that the film will give people a better understanding of the situation in Syria and the plight of refugees.

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