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Sociology dating rituals

Are such tools altering the way students meet potential sexual partners?

Q: You note that the vast majority of students and alumni you interviewed were white and heterosexual. How does your sample, and how it was chosen, affect your findings?These misperceptions, in turn, affect their own behavior because students make decisions about their own lives based on what they believe is “normal” for college students.I hope that my book can help clear up these distorted perceptions so that students can make choices based what is really going on.She answered questions via e-mail, shedding light on what she calls the "center of college social life."Q: Your book is a scholarly take on an issue with popular appeal. A: I wrote this book with several audiences in mind, including college administrators, parents and college students.I hoped administrators and student life personnel would read it to figure out what is going on in the lives of their students and how the hookup culture is related to some of the major residence-life issues, such as alcohol use and sexual assault.A: This is really an empirical question that I cannot answer given that I did not interview students who went to college 10 or 20 years ago.What I can say is that the term “hooking up” has been documented by those studying college slang terminology as being very common since the early to mid-1980s.I also think that in comparing hooking up to dating, other commentators have shown the dating era through rose-tinted glasses.Research on dating indicates that it was less than ideal.A: I chose a primarily white, heterosexual sample for two reasons.First, most of the students at both universities I studied fit into those demographic categories.

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