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Modern French spelling was codified in the late 17th century by the Académie française, based largely on previously established spelling conventions.

With consolidation of royal power, beginning in the 13th century, the Francien vernacular, in usage then on the Île-de-France, brought it little by little to the other languages and evolved toward Classic French.

For example, when ⟨o⟩ is part of a prefix (coexister), or when ⟨e⟩ is part of a suffix (minoen), or in the word moelle and its derivatives.

French digraphs and trigraphs have both historical and phonological origins.

The tilde diacritical mark ( ˜ ) above n is occasionally used in French for words and names of Spanish origin that have been incorporated into the language (e.g., cañon, El Niño).

Like the other diacritics, the tilde has no impact on the primary alphabetical order.

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