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Her supervisor was discovered to have obtained about 100 photos of past and present female employees in sexually explicit or compromising positions, including one he stole from Gordon’s i Phone.

So, this thoroughly untrustworthy account continues, Creffield started a selection process in which the brainwashed beauties were, if you will, auditioned (naked, of course) behind closed doors, in a process that sometimes involved whips. The whips were a nifty addition to a yarn that was first set to paper by legendary Oregon writer Stewart Holbrook in 1941.

Holbrook, delightful though he is to read, simply can't be trusted on stories that touch on religion, and if I were compelled to defend that statement in court, his version of this story would be Exhibit A.

Posting naked photos of an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend online for the world to see would become illegal in Oregon if the state legislature passes Senate Bill 188, which had its first hearing Tuesday morning.

The practice of posting naked or otherwise explicit photos and videos on social media is known colloquially as “revenge porn.” There is currently no law against it unless the subject is under 18 years old, in which case it is child pornography.

She says she'll sue if she can't parade as she wishes.

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Jen Moss has been known as "The Naked Lady" since she moved to Ashland in May from Ojai, Calif., drawn by the town's nudity laws.

Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum requested the bill, and her office’s legislative director, Aaron Knott, testified to its necessity.

The images involved are usually obtained during the course of a romantic relationship, he said, but after the breakup, they are uploaded to the Internet without the consent of the person depicted.

They often include the person’s name, address, workplace, email and social media contact information, Knott said.“This has the dual effect of exposing the victim to anonymous criticism and harassment via all forms of digital communication, as well as guaranteeing that an Internet search of that person made by any employer, landlord, family member or friend would likely reveal the explicit images,” he said.“Because these images are functionally permanent once uploaded to the Internet and tagged in this way, the reputational damage caused by the dissemination of these intimate images is profound and potentially lifelong.”In some cases, the images are stolen and then shared online.

For example, Christina Gordon testified Tuesday to her own experience at work.

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