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Lotus domino calendar error validating user

Certifying creates special signed messages called certificates that state that a particular public key is associated with a particular name.

If you can reliably learn the public key of a certifier and you have a certificate signed by that certifier, you can verify the signature on the certificate and then reliably know the public key associated with the name.

Indirect attacks can be made against any system and are difficult to detect and eliminate.

Also, create a plan to react to and repair breaches in security. IDs are created at the time of user or server registration.

LN automatically certifies users and servers when you register them.

Certificates have expiration dates so you need to recertify IDs when their expiration dates approach.

By setting requirements for security concerns like remote access, passwords, modem access, administration, and firewall access, you protect your system from human error and technical weaknesses.

By creating a clear policy on information distribution and employee identification, you can help eliminate unauthorized access to your system.

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