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Intimidating male body language

A good rule of thumb is to take situational cues by mirroring the handshake you are given.

Although some men use their alpha statuses to oppress and persecute those of their own sex and those of the opposite sex, the term "alpha male" in no way implies that all alpha males bear this mindset.

In fact, many alpha males have learned to capitalize on their already attractive assets with a syrupy, sweet demeanor, further securing their reign.

Well, I've consulted with some of our primate cousins, some laboratory mice, some Hollywood celebrities, a pop star, and a few anthropological and evolutionary gurus to come up with an answer that would suit only the most discerning audience.

Join me as I unveil my alpha male consortium findings and set out to capture the essence of the elusive creature that is the Alpha Male.

You have to look in their face for a second or two, then look at their eyes for a second or two, then look at their nose for a second or two, then repeat the loop.

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You don’t need to focus on the eyes—it can be perceived as very intimidating and very disconcerting.” Mistake #6: Intense seriousness Sure, the office is a place of business, but that doesn’t mean you should walk the halls with a stern face.

"Alpha man" is only correctly used when it refers to a man who reigns over ALL of his kingdom -- women, children, animals, the television remote -- in a tyrannical manner not unlike that of Adolph Hitler or Archie Bunker.

The proper term for the male who holds major assets in the sexual, social, and food stores of his community, only when compared to other males, is "alpha male." He's the boss, the jock, the one envied by his friends and his enemies.

If you lean away from the person you’re speaking with, it sends the message that you are not interested or not engaged with the other person,” she says.

Mistake #5: Direct eye contact “Looking someone directly in the eyes is one of the old fashioned communication rules from the ‘60s but that’s not how you are supposed to communicate,” insists Dr. “You are not supposed to look someone directly in the eye, you’re supposed to look them directly in the face.

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