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He was the 35th most subscribed person on You Tube after reaching 7,000,000 subscribers.

His channel is currently the 101st-most-subscribed on You Tube, with 10 million subs.

Then came his Minecraft Survival Let's Play, generally appearing to be more popular among his other series.

Jordan then started his Sky Block Survival series, which has more than 4 million views.

His second most famous series, Happy Wheels soon gained popularity on his channel, advancing him to 800 thousand subscribers.

After Jordan competed with his friend Tom's channel "The Syndicate Project" to have more subscribers, Captain Sparklez finally surpassed him with about 50,000 more subscribers than The Syndicate Project, although Tom now mainly focuses on vlogging on a different channel. He joined early on (12-9-2010) and by 2017 he had exceeded 1.2 million followers (You Stats).

Jordan hit 10 million subscribers on July 29, 2017, however due to a You Tube "sub purge" the number dropped back down below 10 million 4 days later. Though his channel is in the top 10 most-followed on Twitch, he no longer streams on, but uses Youtube Live instead. He posted mostly Call of Duty videos and worked for Machinima.

Although he mainly posts Minecraft and Reaction videos, Jordan also posts gameplay of other games such as, Happy Wheels, Left 4 Dead 2, Portal , Trials Evolution, Garry's Mod, and rarely Call of Duty, often playing in co-op with some of his friends.

Captain Sparklez is famous for his Minecraft parodies where he changes the lyrics of a popular song to fit into the world of Minecraft.His popularity is still continuing to expand as of now and is currently working on more of his gameplay series.In December 2012, Maron appeared in the inaugural episode of The Fine Brothers' You Tubers React and has continued to be part of You Tubers React, though he was not in Episodes 5 or 6.Little is known outside of Captain Sparklez's channel. Appearing to be his intention, additional insights concerning Jordan's personal history are somewhat vague.However, it is known that he resides in Los Angeles, CA, as stated in his Draw my Life.It never regained its original popularity of 50 million views.) Other original (non-parody) minecraft music videos include Take Back the Night (the sequel to Fallen Kingdom) with over 112 million views, Find the Pieces (part 3 in the Fallen Kingdom series) with over 27 million views, and Dragonhearted (part 4) with over 10 million views.Jordan occasionally posts videos with his friend Nick (NFENvids) and other You Tubers, Nick mostly does Trials Fusion videos and is responsible for editing Jordan's videos.The song affiliated in this video is titled, Fallen Kingdom.Following this success, Sparklez accepted the invitation offered by the Machinima team to participate in the Survival Games, which he came 2nd in and competed in the other 3, known to be the dark horse and the one to always look out for, only ever losing to Ant Venom.On November 1, 2014, in a Mianite Stream, he revealed his family is Jewish, though it is unknown if this is actually true.Said in a Stream, (and You Tube video) he always wears a black shirt and green shorts.

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