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When the must dos are finished, Ralph Rushy Mc Rusherson can play games that are stored in trading card holders and color coded.

Just the words color coded make me happy but if you want to keep it simply just white tag will work perfectly fine Perhaps Ralph wants to play tally concentration with a partner or just by himself.

The music and morning work was enough to keep that tone of learning happening for us.

However, one thing that makes me a little batty, is keeping up with the copies for my student’s morning work. Each student will take out their Rise and Shine Binder in the morning as they trickle in and get settled.

Make a much cuter morning work divider than I did pretty please…how embarrassing!

You can: log in, read the tech support FAQ, or request your lost password.Unfortunately my school also served breakfast in the classroom so coco puffs and chocolate milk were part of that equation as well.You better believe I pleaded my case and even showed my research, but apparently kids need to eat and they need to eat in my classroom so that’s what they did for the last 5 or so years…I lost count when breakfast pizza came to town.Taxpayers should avoid all schemes that promise donation receipts for 3 to 4 times the cash payment.It is the CRA’s position that the proposed legislation, effective since 2003, will apply to reduce the donation credit to no more than the actual cash payment.Don’t get me wrong, I worked long and hard on my morning work and I feel that it is valuable for them, but scurrying to the copier is not my fave at the crack of dawn or at sore feet thirty in the afternoon…. Students will do some write on wipe off activities for the number of the day.Depending on your grade level, you can make this number smaller or bigger.Furthermore, as indicated above, completed audits have shown that there was effectively no gift being made in many cases, and as a result, the donation was reduced to zero.ran a series of investigative pieces on charity scams last year available here, here and here.They can make shapes, color patterns, add seasonal erasers, buttons, coco puffs…whatever you have on hand!We can also move on to more activities as our students are ready!

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