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The most accurate data is found on private-owned land.This is because private sims are much more easy to be themed.Estimations are that land used for sex in Zindra is between 30 and 50% of inhabited land.

IGBC Continent (gay) and Mar Lesbiana are two continents, created around 2013. Small LGBT parcels can be found almost anywhere, easy to recognize by the presence of their seven color flag.

LGBT places represent about 5% of all grid size, but they are not always places for sex.

So, if we think about that, the result is different.

About 20% of all private-owned land is used for this reason.

So, we can say that there are 2000 private-owned sims created for sex, but sexual-themed content occupies about the surface of 4000 sims.

If someone performs a random-teleport through the grid, that person will find for sure, in 100 teleports, at least one place that is designated for a sexual minority.From the start, a strict separation is needed between 3 main categories of sex-related places: As can be seen from here, NOT all land ranked 'Adult' is a sex-themed place.Zindra is the adult continent, where majority of sex-related places are.IMPORTANT: THIS ARTICLE IS MADE ONLY FOR GEOGRAPHIC REASONS, since about 20% of Inhabited Land is used for sex and related activities.The article MUST remain in a way that it's not aggressive for any resident.Not to be confused with BDSM,these are the most often found places on the grid.They are found in many areas and are found also on 'moderate' land.A big part of all Inhabited Land is used for sexual activities. The Linden official position is that in General sims, explicit adult content is forbidden, in Moderate places adult content is allowed only behind closed doors, while in Adult sims, there are no restrictions.As a direct result, sexual content is found almost only in 'adult' land, but not only.A further classification, based on intimacy, is needed, but very hard to make.As seen on Gridsurvey, 'Adult' places are increasing in number, with a direct result of increasing sex-related places.

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