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PLEASE DO US BOTH A FAVOR AND IF YOUR NOT KIND, PATIENT, MATURE OR ARE ARROGANT DO NOT CONTACT ME. It just really helps to calm me down after a stressful day in the workplace or school. Im a quirky, opinionated, independant single mom seeking an interesting, cool, ind My biggest hobby would probably be making clay sculptures.If a person is on there they're looking for a Jewish significant other because that's the whole point of the service.

I gather, though, that this is not a dating service in the sense that, say, or Eharmony is.

This is a high-fee "matchmaker" service for wealthy, image-conscious yuppies who spend so much time working that the only free time they have to meet someone is over lunch, and it's geared toward a much smaller, hand-picked clientele who the owners have probably all met face to face.

Quick question, then-would the dating service have accepted her if she was filthy rich?

I'm sure there are plenty of men in this 'enlightened' age who are just as interested in pair bonding for money instead of looking for a trophy wife.

Does he really think ALL the men who use his site could only ever be interested in a "size 3 trophy bride"? I'm with quoda--boycott this mental midget, just like we boycott snooty desingers who are too stupid to see they could make a killing by selling plus-size clothing.

Because he talks as if there's only a weird minority of men who are open minded and understand the difference between love and lust..indeed, that there are also quite a few men who find many sizes and shapes to lust after! And PS: a 5' 5" woman who's under 200 pounds isn't really all that fat.This guy's insulting to fat people, to women, and to men! I'm shorter than herand when I was 175, I looked pretty small.Still, that's not the point: the point is, he's assuming all his male clientele are as shallow and immature as he and his staff member are.Please note that this is not a dating site, never has been, and never will be. Lunch Dates (terrible name) owner Marty Sack put it bluntly: "I just don't have the people for everybody.April sent in this story of discrimination: a dating service flatly denied to help Roberta Traynor when she revealed her weight. Whether it's age or body type, religion, hobbies, if someone asked us for something we can't do we try to be honest about it." He's claiming there's no audience.My guess is that a guy can be as fat, black, Jewish and pagan as he wants to be, smell like expired patchouli toothpaste, and get around on a Rascal scooter and still be accepted into such a group..he's got $$$$$ (beaucoup).The women, OTOH, must look good in a lucite display case, and weigh about as much, because that's where they're going to be spending most of their time.Too busy to meet new people and tired of the bar scene, Traynor, 39, turned to Lunch to meet someone. Actually, I'd have thought that being a chef would be considered cool.I can easily imagine a rich guy wanting to date a curvy woman who cooks professionally.As April asked, if a dating service denies fat clients, is it just being "realistic"? I think this company is just shooting itself in the foot, really.Dating and match companies that act all exclusive just show that they aren't made for a capitalistic society with all shapes and sizes. But I think other clients need to avoid the place before this idiot gets the point.

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