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Association of Canadians in Bermuda is a non-profit organization for Canadians in Bermuda, to help keep the Canadian culture alive.

Association of Filipinos in Bermuda represents the approximately 600 Filipinos in Bermuda, including doctors, accountants, nurses, waiters, domestic servants and more.

The detractors for her are the expense of living on the island, she misses driving her car (does not like driving that scooter in the damp and rain all winter) and the small size of this island.

But think about it, you're coming to a new country and should be a bit open-minded to reach out and adapt.

Bermudians have zero unemployment and the government is protective of their rights.

I don't think I have ever been to a friendlier place!

), the climate (even in "winter"), the opportunities her job offers," said one man whose daughter moved to Bermuda.

even those areas with "a reputation" are far safer than anywhere in a European City!

" "I rent a townhouse in a condo complex as do most expats. foot, 2 bedroom apartment, I consider it a great deal at ,000 a month.An expat in Bermuda advised, "[I live in a] one bedroom apartment, attached to landlord's house. In the past it was difficult to obtain a mortgage in Bermuda, they were not available for more than a 5 or 10 year period.So, to fund the building of a house, people built self-contained apartments on the side, to generate rental income.However, since there are about 15,000 expats working on an island of 65,000 people, there is plenty of interaction available.That said, what is called 'rough' in Bermuda would probably be a lower-middle-class environment in most places."Women should join the International Women's Club of Bermuda (IWC).It isn't just for Americans, and has members from all over the globe, mostly Americans, Brits and Canadians, and some Bermudians.Keep your ear to the ground to find out who is due to move off the island - and ask if their apartment might be coming up for rent.Don't be too concerned about the neighborhood - there aren't any really bad places...[The best way to find a home is] by word of mouth - good, reasonably priced apartment rentals do exist, but they never make it as far as the newspaper adverts.Tell everyone you know that you are looking for a place to rent.

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