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From mountain biking, where the most usual blunt instrument for cakking is a pedal. Just cakked my right shin on my SPu D (qv) on that last descent. Example: So you planned the whole thing, and everyone got caught but you? The process of ruining the quality of life of a residential area by an influx of former residents of the state of California. Another term for cheap American megabrew lager, from the joke about the similarities between American beer and sex in a canoe. Someone who has a lot of money, and may or may not flaunt it. He's definitely on some Cash Money Millionare trip. Example: I'm gonna have to score a little cashish if i'm gonna check out that concert tonight.

It does have a technical meaning in psychiatry, but we don't care about that. A position of contentment and relaxation in which a housecat hunkers down and tucks its feet and tail in close to the body, forming a symmetrical, round shape which resembles a baked good.

I've camped this post for 20 minutes and still no replies to my thread. I constantly camp her posts just to see what she says.

Example: Is that guy fronting on a cellular phone that doesn't work? A fight between women who don't know how to fight, but just scratch at each other.

Anyone who drives/rides/walks with a non-working or toy cell phone permanently jammed in their ear to give themselves what they believe to be status.

Example: See the cellu-loser in the Honda over there?

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