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Curriculum for excellence levels consolidating

Social moderation, Prof Hayward insists, is at the heart of the assessment process.

Examples of learners’ work, annotated by teachers, peers and the learners themselves, should be a normal and permanent part of school life.

First, Prof Hayward challenged the presumption that we raise attainment by frequent testing.

To help you use SHM to deliver Curriculum for Excellence, we've produced support in the form of Delivering the Curriculum for Excellence Guides.They can attach far more meaning to these than can be properly inferred from them.Teachers require to develop more meaningful, descriptive reports, combining formative assessment and sound professional judgements.End of Session Reports are provided to pupils at the end of May/beginning of June each year.The following information may give you a guide to Cf E levels: The path that most children and young people are expected to follow is set out below It is recognised that children and young people will progress at different rates; some will require addtional support and may take longer for their learning to be secure at a particular level; others will achieve secure learning sooner.Withinn these broad levels there are milestones of progression.For Scottish teachers implementing Curriculum for Excellence (Cf E), assessment is a major dilemma.You can also download free Curriculum for Excellence matching charts to see how each level of SHM is linked to the new curriculum.Activity Books SHM7 covers most of of Level E, with motivating, age-appropriate pupil practice, and comprehensive support for planning, teaching and assessment.The current mantra is that teachers are professionals whose judgements should be trusted; local authorities and others, however, are increasingly prescriptive about assessment and reporting.In particular, the vexed issue of reporting at the transition stage between primary and secondary, always a source of divisive debate, is challenging teachers in both sectors.

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