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Backdating social security

Social Security Disability SSI - Retroactive Benefits Vs Back Pay Benefits Do you always get disability back payments from social security?

Back pay, or past due benefits, are simply those benefits that are due to the claimant as a result of A) What date their disability is considered to have begun (as established by the medical records) and B) How long it has taken to process their disability claim.

Information on the following topics can be found here: Social Security Disability Questions and in these subsections: These pages answer some of the most basic questions for individuals who are considering filing a claim.

Filing for disability - How to file for SSD or SSI and the Information that is needed by Social Security How to Apply for Disability - What medical conditions can you apply and qualify for?

Why do you receive a Social Security Disability benefit back payment?

Can I work if I have not received my disability award letter?

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